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Residential collection services St. Louis area.

Aspen is an independently owned, environment-friendly waste collection service. We serve residential customers in the St Louis area, in Missouri and Illinois. To find out if Aspen is in your area, call 314-890-9820. Real people answer the phones here. We will promptly and politely get you the answers and service you need. No time to call? Tap or click request service and we’ll get back to you at your convenience.

Aspen collects recycling during the green week or gray week. You are assigned a pickup week, GREEN or GRAY, and a pickup day depending on where you live. Please have your carts out by 6:00 a.m.

If you don’t know your pickup week or pickup day, please see your new customer information, call Aspen customer service at 314-890-9820 or 618-277-9100, or go to Residential resources for more information.

2019 Recycling calendar and instructions
2020 Recycling calendar and instructions


To enroll in the premium yard waste plan or to schedule an one-time pickup, please call Aspen at 314-890-9820.


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Your service includes free use of a 95 gallon cart — a clean, attractive, and sturdy cart with wheels.